Keynote Speakers

Prof. Roger Chan
UT Southwestern Medical Center

Research Interests:
(1) Vocal Cord Tissue Mechanics and Biorheology
(2) Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Chan's basic research and applied research on the human larynx have many different levels, especially vocal cord tissue mechanics and biorheology, and their relationship with sound acoustics and larynx physiology; another key area is tissue engineering and Regenerative medicine, in which various types of extracellular matrix scaffolds are being developed as tissue substitutes for surgical applications.
Prof. Lesheng Teng
College of Life Sciences, Jilin University

Research Interests:
Biopharmaceuticals and new functional materials synthesis, construction of slow and controlled release and targeted drug delivery systems, and application research of biopharmaceuticals

Research Results:
1. Zhaogang Yang#, Junfeng Shi#, Jing Xie, Yifan Wang, Jingyao Sun, Tongzheng Liu, Yarong Zhao, Xiuting Zhao, Xinmei Wang, Yifan Ma, Veysi Malkoc, Chiling Chiang, Weiye Deng, Yuanxin Chen, Yuan Fu, Kwang J. Kwak, Yamin Fan, Chen Kang, Changcheng Yin, June Rhee, Paul Bertani, Jose Otero, Wu Lu, Kyuson Yun, Andrew S. Lee, Wen Jiang, Lesheng Teng*, Betty Y. S. Kim?* and L. James Lee*, Large-scale generation of functional mRNA-encapsulating exosomes via cellular nanoporation, Nature Biomedical Engineering 2020, 4(1), 69-83.

2. Junyang Wang; Jia Meng; Robert J. Lee; Lesheng Teng*; Pengcheng Zhang*; Yaping Li*, Hepatocellular carcinoma growth retardation and PD-1 blockade therapy potentiation with synthetic high-density lipoprotein. Nano Letters 2019, 19, (8), 5266-5276. 

3. Fei Hao; Robert J. Lee; Lihuang Zhong; Shiyan Dong; ChunmiaoYang; Lirong Teng; Qingfan Meng; Jiahui Lu; Jing Xie; Lesheng Teng*, Hybrid micelles containing methotrexate-conjugated polymer and co-loaded with microRNA-124 for rheumatoid arthritis therapy. Theranostics 2019, 9, (18), 5282-5297.

4. Yuhuan Li; Robert J. Lee; Kongtong Yu; Bi Ye; Yuhang Qi; Yating Sun; Yujing Li; Jing Xie*; Lesheng Teng*, Delivery of siRNA using lipid nanoparticles modified with cell penetrating peptide. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2016, 8, (40), 26613-26621.

5. Zhaogang Yang; Jing Xie; Jing Zhu; Chen Kang; Chiling Chiang; Xinmei Wang; Xiaobin Wang; Tairong Kuang; Feng Chen; Zhou Chen; Aili Zhang; Bo Yu; Robert J. Lee; Lesheng Teng*; L. James Lee*, Functional exosome-mimic for delivery of siRNA to cancer: in vitro and in vivo evaluation. Journal of Controlled Release 2016, 243, 160-171.
Prof. Ahmad Rohi Ghazali
National University of Malaysia School of Health Sciences

Research Interests: Pharmacology and Toxicology
Biomedical Science Program
School of Diagnosis and Applied Health Sciences
Prof. Ahmad Rohi Ghazali Teaching and learning activities include developing, coordinating and monitoring many courses related to pharmacology and toxicology. The courses are all now fully-blended and a MOOC has also being constructed. As the Coordinator of the Health Education Unit and University’s Citra Fellow, she is responsible to assist and educate faculty members in implementing best practices in teaching and learning too.

Now, Prof. Ahmad Rohi Ghazali has been carrying out research on cancer particularly on chemoprevention aspects of many local foods and natural products and their active compounds. Current community research activities also include promoting good health and occupational safety among farmers in Malaysia and students in Tahfiz schools.
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Prof. Jiye Cai
College of Life Science and Technology, Jinan University, Department of Chemistry,Ph.D. Tutor, Master Tutor

Research Interests:
Nano science and technology and its application

Research Results:
Prof. Cai has made outstanding achievements in the development of high-resolution, high-speed, and high-sensitivity diode laser detection methods, and used this method to obtain the results of the vibration and rotation resolution of triatomic molecules for the first time in the world. Participated in what is known as the "most complicated experiment in the history of physics and chemistry"-the research work on the impact of collision parameters on chemical reactions. He and his colleagues have published more than 100 papers, two patents and one monograph in international and domestic journals and academic conferences. He was also invited to give lectures at more than ten domestic and foreign universities, including Stanford University, Columbia University, UWO University, Hong Kong University, Peking University, Fudan University, and University of Science and Technology of China.

Six of his papers have been found on SCI by Columbia University, Northwestern University, Cornell University, Argon National Laboratory and other dozens of research units in Science, J. Chem. Phys., J. Phys. Chem, etc. It has been cited 86 times in international core publications, and it has been cited as an important achievement in the frontier of laser chemistry or the basis of theoretical calculations. Has been responsible for training more than ten doctoral and master students, many of whom have won the Chinese Academy of Sciences Yilida Award, Daheng Award and University of Science and Technology of China Outstanding Postgraduate Award. Some have been exceptionally promoted to professors, and some are in the United States and Japan. Waiting for the country to do research work. Some of the results won the first prize of Guangdong Natural Science in 1996 and the first prize of Science and Technology Progress of Guangdong Higher Education Department. At present, near-field optical microscopes and atomic force microscopes are used to directly manipulate single molecules and study laser chemistry. He has also made new achievements in the field of bio-nano, and was invited to give invited reports at international and domestic academic conferences.

He is currently in charge of the sub-projects of the National 973 Major Project-the use of scanning probe microscopy to study the proliferation and directed differentiation of stem cells and the key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, general projects and other provincial and ministerial projects.

Prof. Jingsong Bian
Southern University of Science and Technology, Department Head of Pharmacology

Research Interests:
(1)Biology of endogenous mediators (e.g. hydrogen sulfide)
(2)Novel functions of Na+/K+ ATPase

Dr. Jinsong Bian is a full Professor and acting chair in the Department of Pharmacology, School of Medicine, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). Before joining in SUSTech, Dr. Bian was first appointed as an assistant professor (2003-2008) and then an Associate Professor with tenure (2009-2020) in the department of Pharmacology, Yong Loo Ling School of Medicine, National University of Singapore.

He also served as the deputy director of Drug Development Unit of National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Research Director of Department of Pharmacologoy, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, NUS in the period of 2016-2020. Dr Bian earned his PhD degree from the University of Hong Kong and was awarded with the Dr KP Stephen Chang Gold Medal for the outstanding performance in the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in 2000. Dr Bian then went on to complete his post-doctoral training under an American Heart Association Fellowship at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, USA in 2003. Dr Bian is an Associate Editor, lead guest editor and reviewing editor of 13 international journals, including Antioxidant Redox Signalling, Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, Frontiers in Pharmacology.

He has served as a panel member of the Singapore National Medical Research Council (since 2007) and is also a consultant Member of the Greece Society of Studying Cardiovascular Diseases (SOS-CVD) (since 2010). He serves as an advisory committee member of different societies or conferences, including the International and European Conferences on the Biology of Hydrogen Sulphide, and the Asian Society for Vascular Biology (ASVB).

He has published over 125 papers in international journals including Cir Res, PNAS, JASN, Redox Biology, and has delivered over 70 lectures at the invitation of international and regional scientific societies, institutes and conference organizers. He has received 8109 citations (Google scholar) and his H-index is 49 (Google scholar).

Prof. Baojun Xu
Beijing Normal University - Hong Kong Baptist University United International College
Food Science and Technology

Beijing Normal University - Hong Kong Baptist University United International College(UIC, China Full-time English Teaching College)Ph.D.
Zhuhai Scholar Distinguished Professor, Director of Food Science and Technology Program
<Food Science and Human Health> Assistant Editor-in-Chief
<Open bioactive compound> Editor
<Antioxidants>&< International Journal of Molecular Science>Guest Editor
Member of the editorial board of about 20 international journals
Received UIC's first Presidential Research Award in 2016

Prof. Xu received his Bachelor's Degree and Master's Degree at Jilin Agricultural University, and a Doctoral Degree of Food Science at Chungnam National University, South Korea. He joined the Food Science and Technology Programme at UIC in July, 2009. He was listed as a Zhuhai Specially Invited Scholar in 2015. Prof Xu Baojun of the Food Science and Technology Programme captured the first President's Award for Research 2016. In the past decade, he has published over 110 papers in international journals and has been cited nearly 3,000 times with the h-index of 23.

Research Interests:
(1)Evaluate the health benefits of legumes, fruits, vegetables, and phytochemicals of traditional Chinese herbs through in vitro animal cell models (for aging, cancer, obesity, diabetes and inflammatory diseases)
(2)Cellular and molecular mechanisms of biologically active food ingredients in preventing diseases
(3)Development of new health products and cosmeceuticals
(4)Laboratory-scale and pilot-scale extraction technology of natural functional polysaccharides
Prof. Wenhua Zheng
University of Macau · Faculty of Heath Sciences
Research Interests:
(1)Neurology and Ophthalmology
(2)Aging, neuronal degeneration diseases, including Alzheimer's disease and retinal degeneration diseases
(3)The molecular mechanism of neuronal death and survival
(4)New drug development
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Prof. Ben Zhao
Prof. Zhao is Senior drug reviewer from FDA, He has accumulated 15 years of scientific research career in the field of pharmaceutical preparations. Published 20 academic papers in core journals of international drug research, applied for 13 Chinese, American, and PCT patents, CD37 targeting recombinant antibody (Tru-016), complex phospholipid gene transfection reagent (Superlipofector), sodium hyaluronate injection for joints 7 new drug varieties including liquid.
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Important Dates

Conference date:
Nov. 3-4, 2022
Deadline of abstract submission:
Oct. 20, 2022
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Oct. 20, 2022